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Mosquito Control Still Needed?

It’s October and all the mosquitoes are gone, we no longer need to worry about these biting pests until spring comes back around, right? Actually wrong, unfortunately, mosquitoes are still buzzing around being a nuisance and transmitting some pretty serious diseases. The weather in Upstate of South Carolina allows for pests, including mosquitoes to be active well into the fall season. The mosquito professionals at Spencer Pest Services want to make sure that your family is still being protected from these dangerous pests, even in October!

While the weather in the Northern part of the country may start to cool off in October enough to allow mosquitoes to die off, that isn’t the case for the southern part of the country. In Upstate of South Carolina, the weather is still quite warm, we are still seeing temperatures in 80’s which allow mosquitoes to still be finding pools of water to lay their eggs in and produce more annoying blood-sucking pests in.

Since mosquitoes are still active late into the fall season you still need to be actively protecting your property and family from these pests. The professionals at Spencer Pest Services have the experience and treatment methods needed to safely control mosquitoes on your property throughout the entire mosquito season!

Our mosquito control services work to ensure your yard is a usable, enjoyable, and as safe as possible during the entire time mosquitoes are active on your property. Spencer Pest Services mosquito control programs start in early March and run through late November. To control mosquitoes we eliminate and manage breeding areas on your property and treat for existing mosquito populations. The mosquito control experts at Spencer will inspect your property and point out areas of standing water. Then shrubs, fence lines, decks areas, branches, and leafy ground cover are power-misted to kill mosquitoes living on your property. We then recommend ways to eliminate areas of standing water from forming on your property and ideas prevent future problems with standing water.

The Upstate of South Carolina weather allows its residents to enjoy their yards and outdoor spaces long into the fall. Let us help you enjoy your yard without being bitten by mosquitoes; it’s not too late to start protecting your family from mosquitoes. Contact the mosquito control experts at Spencer Pest Services to start protecting your home and family from mosquitoes today!