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Mosquito Control

Make Your Yard Safer & More Enjoyable

Spencer offers our Mosquito Plus+, a powerful mosquito reduction program that can make your yard safer and more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a one-time mosquito treatment before a wedding, corporate picnic or other outdoor event or want season long protection against mosquitoes plus fleas and ticks, Spencer Pest Services has the solution! 

At Spencer Pest Services, we provide guaranteed termite control services, even in the South – where it’s not a matter of if your home will be attacked by termites, but WHEN.

Mosquito Plus Plan

What To Expect With Each Mosquito Plus+ Treatment

Mosquito Plus+ Treatment

In the south, mosquito season can start as early as March and end as late as November.  Without an effective mosquito control program in place, your family faces many mosquito bites.  When you choose Spencer Pest Services, we’ll help you protect your family while these pesky and potentially dangerous pests are out. 

The key is eliminating the breeding areas on your property. Because mosquitoes don’t respect lot lines, we’ll also point out breeding areas on neighboring properties.

locate areas of standing water

We’ll locate any areas of standing water that may serve as mosquito breeding grounds.

power-mist shrubs

We’ll power-mist shrubs, low branches, and leafy ground cover as well as fence lines and decking to kill mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks where they live.

prevent recurrence of standing water

We’ll recommend ways to prevent the recurrence of standing water on your property


Spencer Adds Green Mosquito Control Solutions

Spencer Pest Services is pleased to add to our mosquito control arsenal, In2Care®, an industry-leading, low-cost, and sustainable solution that combats mosquitoes more effectively than ever before. Using green ingredients that have been validated in both the lab and the field, In2Care Mosquito traps effectively capture and kill Aedes mosquitoes, both adults and larvae.

Green Mosquito Treatment

Green Mosquito With In2Care

Reduce mosquito activity with the installation of In2Care mosquito traps.  When you choose this plan, Spencer will install mosquito traps on your property and return every month during mosquito season to service them.

Green Mosquito Plus+

Green Mosquito Plus With In2Care

With this mosquito control plan, we’ll install and maintain In2Care mosquito traps AND provide monthly mosquito spraying.  Spencer will also return in the fall to winterize the mosquito traps.

How Does In2Care Mosquito Traps Work?


How Mosquito Traps Work

Want Protection From Mosquitoes & Other Outdoor Pests?

Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other outdoor pests when you sign up for a comprehensive year-round home pest control program from Spencer Pest Services.  Click here to learn more about our service offerings for residents in Greenville, Anderson, and throughout the Upstate of South Carolina, northern Georgia, and parts of North Carolina.