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Mosquito-Free Spring Starts Here

Every year when it finally begins to get warm people all over the area look forward to getting out into the fresh air with family and friends. Big neighborhood barbecues, perhaps a family volleyball tournament or even a game of tag with the kids can be tragically cut short by swarms of biting mosquitoes crashing the party and ruining a good time. The good news is that you do not have to let mosquitoes send you rushing back inside the house to the safety found behind those screened windows.

We all know that mosquitoes can leave itchy, red welts behind as a reminder of fun times spent in the great outdoors, sometimes lasting for days. But, letting the mosquito population get out of control on your property can also be a danger to friends and family that no one usually bargains for. Mosquitoes are well known for carrying and transmitting a number of diseases that will leave lasting memories of a very different kind. Diseases such as encephalitis, yellow fever, West Nile virus, Zika, and many others can all cause serious, life-threatening illness; and at the very least, these illnesses will come with permanent consequences.

Property owners can help protect their family from the risk of contracting one of these potentially deadly diseases. Professional pest control companies do not just deal with ants and termites inside the home, but they also have several ways that they can help homeowners protect their yards and gardens with seasonal mosquito services designed to eliminate the threat of mosquitoes and other harmful insects around the home.

Spencer Pest Services can show you where you can reduce the risk of a breeding population by showing you where standing water collects, something necessary for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Then, their trained technicians will mist the yard and any shrubbery with a safe but highly effective product that will take care of any mosquitoes that might be hiding as well as any eggs already present. This service can also protect your property from ticks and fleas as well.

Mosquito protection provided by a professional pest control technician can help keep the good times going all season long. Spencer Pest Services is here to make sure of it. Call us today to get your yard ready for a summer of fun! Our mosquito control services offer a huge reduction in the mosquito population in your yard, and we use safe and ecologically responsible products for the gardens, the yard, and your family as well.