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One-Time Vs. Seasonal Mosquito Service

If you’re planning to have a gathering in your backyard, mosquito service can make for a much more pleasant, and safe, event. Mosquito reduction will directly address all of the mosquitoes hiding on your property, and eliminate eggs, so they don’t hatch into a mass of new mosquitoes on the day you plan to have family and friends congregating in your yard. That is going to make for a better experience for everyone involved. And, your guests will feel a little safer knowing that there is a less chance of contracting a mosquito-borne virus, like Zika.

Let’s face it, folks here in South Carolina are worried about Zika. It is especially troublesome for expecting moms and couples who are working to start a new family. Your efforts to make your gathering a safer place to be will not go unnoticed. It may even prompt some people to show up who would have otherwise declined your invitation, especially if those invitations explain the measures you’ve taken to create an environment that is resistant to mosquitoes. Tell them how you’ve gotten a professional to guide you through all of the many ways mosquitoes can be kept away and that they have address all the mosquitoes on your property.

Sure, you can’t keep all the mosquitoes away, but you CAN reduce their population and make it harder for them to get a meal. And, that will mean fewer itchy bites and less danger of contracting an infectious disease.

It is also important to keep in mind that you can do this all year long. Mosquito services don’t have to be just a one-time thing. At Spencer Pest Services, we offer seasonal mosquito treatments that will keep your family and visitors safer throughout the entire mosquito season. And, mosquito services are part of our Complete Package. So, while we are reducing the threat of mosquito-borne viruses, we’ll also be dealing with the threat posed by over 20 other pests, including termitesfire antsticksfleas, and cockroaches. How sweet is that?

You can live with pests. Some folks do. But it is safer for your family and safer for the equity of your home to have ongoing pest services. Bugs and rodents can damage the wood of your home and cost you an arm and a leg for difficult repairs. And, many bugs carry infectious diseases, like Lyme disease and Zika virus, that can lead to lifelong health issues for you and your children.

If you’re ready for a massive quality of life upgrade, and the kind of protection every family should have, reach out to us today. Life is just better, when bugs and wildlife are controlled.