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Home Pest Prevention

The Perfect Solution For Busy Families

As busy parents, we know you need a solution that protects your family and pets but that doesn’t take up too much of your time.  Your schedules are filled with work, soccer games, orthodontist appointments, and vet visits, you don’t have time to sit and wait for an exterminator to show up and treat.  At Spencer Pest Services, we get it and that’s why we developed our program for busy families.  


The No-Pest Zone Approach

The best way to get rid of insects and rodents that are infesting your home is to prevent them from coming indoors in the first place. That is accomplished by routine service focused on the exterior of the structure because that’s how pests are coming.  One-time treatments are only a temporary fix and unprotected homes can provide dozens of conditions for pests to return.

At Spencer Pest Services, our residential pest control program focuses on safeguarding the exterior to prevent pests from entering.  That means no messy sprays, no need to be home for appointments, and no intrusions.  No matter what level of pest protection you use (Basic, Outdoor or Complete), we use a zone approach to make your home and property a pest-free environment.

Not only effective and preventative, it is more convenient for you. While every plan is customized to each home and its problems, the illustration and information below explains this pest management approach.

ZONE 1: Consists of the structure itself: vertical wall surfaces, soffits, and access points such as windows, doors, pipes, etc. Zone 1 treatment consists of sweeping the accessible soffits and eaves for spider webs, and the application of a liquid pest deterrent.

ZONE 2: Consists of the immediately surrounding perimeter of the house: mulched beds, porches, decks, and grass; as well as common pest harborage areas such as A/C units, trash cans, wood piles, shrub and plant material, patio stones, etc. A granular insecticide is applied out to 5 feet in Zone 2.

ZONE 3: Consists of outlying pest harborage sites: sites roughly 5 feet from the home or structure such as pool pump houses, plant beds, wood piles, trees, fences, etc. Granular bait is applied in Zone 3.

Interior Pest Control Service For Your Home

Interior service is needed only when problems exist within the inside of the home or structure, such as when homeowners bring pests inside or when insects get through our exterior barrier. When such an event occurs, a guaranteed appointment time will be provided.