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Carpet Beetles

What do carpet beetles look like?

Adult carpet beetles look very similar in appearance to a ladybug; they have the same rounded dome shape and they also have a mottled color pattern that can sometimes make them appear to be spotted.

Carpet beetle larvae grow to be about ¼ of an inch in length; they can either be carrot-like in shape or oval in shape. The larvae are brown or tan in color and have white and tan stripes. The larvae have bristly hairs covering their backs, the hairs can cause people to have a skin reaction if they come into contact with them.

carpet beetle on a rug in a greenville sc home

Do carpet beetles bite?

No, carpet beetles do not bite people or pets.

Are carpet beetles dangerous?

Adult carpet beetles are not dangerous to people but can contaminate food sources that are stored in kitchen and pantry areas as they feed on dry goods.

Carpet beetle larvae will feed on and create holes in items (clothing, blankets, furniture) made from animal products including wool, feathers, and fur. Also, the larvae, attracted by the oils found in human hair and on human bodies will crawl across people as they sleep in order to feed on their hair.

Some people may develop a skin reaction from coming into contact with the bristle-covered larvae. The rash, along with being itchy, can cause people to confuse carpet beetle and bed bug infestations.

Why do I have a carpet beetle problem?

Carpet beetles enter from the outside through doors and other openings. They may also hitch rides on plants and flowers. 

How do you get rid of carpet beetles?

We can help you to get rid of damagingcarpet beetles by helping to prevent them from entering your home in the first place.

At Spencer Pest Services our professionals will partner with you to create a tailored pest control program to exclude carpet beetles and other common household pests.

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