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Cellar Spiders

What do cellar spiders look like?

Cellar spiders can vary in color, but their bodies are most often pale yellow, light brown or grayish color. They have an easily identifiable small body (1/4”-3/8”) with 8 very long and very skinny legs. Their appearance leads most people to refer to them as daddy-long-legs.

cellar spiders in a web

Do cellar spiders bite?

Cellar spiders have the potential to bite if they are being directly handled or feel threatened. However, their mouthparts are small and are not strong enough to pierce the skin of a person.

Are cellar spiders venomous?

There is an old urban legend associated with cellar spiders, it states that their venom is the most deadly in the world but their fangs are too short to be able to bite and inject it into a person. Luckily this is completely false and while they are venomous, the venom is not strong enough to affect a person and they pose no medical threat to people.

While cellar spider venom isn’t a threat to us, it is a threat to other spider species, including venomous spiders like the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider.

Why do I have a cellar spider problem?

Cellar spiders gravitate to environments that are both damp and dark. They are often found invading barns, sheds, garages, basements, crawl spaces, underneath of sinks, and in root cellars.

Cellar spiders can become a big problem inside of homes and other buildings because they like to live close to each other. This means that in addition to lots of spiders living in your home a cellar spider invasion means that there will be lots of clusters of unsightly spider webs as well.  A fun fact about cellar spiders is that they hang upside down in their webs and when they are bothered they shake their webs aggressively.

How do you get rid of cellar spiders?

We can help you to get rid of annoying and invasive cellar spiders by helping to prevent them from entering into your home in the first place.

At Spencer Pest Services our pros will partner with you to create a pest control program to exclude cellar spiders and the insects and spiders that they dine on from your home; all the while treating and eliminating any current pest problems you may be experiencing.

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