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Gray Squirrels

What do gray squirrels look like?

Adult gray squirrels are a type of tree squirrel; they generally range in size from 6-8 inches (without tail) and are gray in color with a whitish colored underbelly. They have a distinctive bushy tail that they use for balance as they leap from house to house or tree to tree.

gray squirrel

Are gray squirrels dangerous?

Gray squirrels are dangerous for a few of reasons. Inside homes, gray squirrels can cause a lot of damage to both the structure of the home and personal belongings that are stored inside with their excessive chewing. Gray squirrels can also introduce bacteria and diseases into home, along with other pests like fleas, ticks, and mites. Also, despite their innocent appearance gray squirrels are a type of wild animal and if they are cornered they will defend themselves by biting or scratching.

What are the signs of a gray squirrel infestation?

If gray squirrels have entered into your home you will notice several signs of their presence. Signs of gray squirrels include:

  • Hearing noises; if squirrels are living in your attic or behind your walls you will hear them running and moving about.
  • Finding their droppings in your home.
  • You may find gnaw marks on walls and flooring in your home, personal items like clothing and books may be damaged, and food containers may have chew marks on them.
  • You will see them regularly jumping from utility lines and trees onto your home.
  • You may see holes along your roof soffits, vents that are loose, or other openings in the exterior of your home that they have created to enter through.

Why are gray squirrels in my home?

Gray squirrels often enter into homes in order to find a safe place to live and nest in. Homes also usually provide squirrels with easy access to food and water. Inside of homes gray squirrels typically nest in chimneys, crawl spaces, behind walls, and in attic spaces.

Squirrel Pest Control Service How To Get Rid of Gray Squirrels?

Gray squirrels are wild animals and should only be controlled by experienced professionals. At Spencer Pest Services we can get rid of gray squirrels from your property through our rodent and wildlife control services. Our wildlife control professionals have the experience and training needed to safely and humanly get rid of a gray squirrel infestation and stop future infestations with squirrels and other rodents. Contact Spencer Pest today for more information about our rodent and wildlife control services.

Gray squirrel prevention tips

  • Trim tree limbs away from the exterior of your home that are closer than 8-10 feet.
  • Remove bird feeders from your property altogether, or at least move them away from the outside of your home.
  • Repair holes found along the roof line and replace broken or missing roof shingles and/ or siding.
  • Place a tight fitting cap on all chimneys.
  • Place covers over all vents.
  • Make sure that garbage cans, compost piles, and gardens are all placed away from the exterior of your home.

Visit our wildlife control page to find out how Spencer Pest Services takes care of gray squirrel problems in Greenville, Upstate of South Carolina, North Carolina and northern Georgia.

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