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Lady Bugs

What do lady bugs look like?

There are many species of “lady bugs”, one of the most common species to cause problems for property owners is the Asian lady beetle. Asian lady beetles or lady bugs as they are mostly commonly called are usually a variation of red, yellow or orange in color, they also have distinctive black spots on their body. Their body is dome-like and oval in shape, they have very short antennae and when looked at from above it can be seen that their head tucks partly or even completely underneath of their neckline.

a lady bug on a plant outside of a home in boiling springs south carolina

Are lady bugs dangerous?

Lady bugs are not considered to be a dangerous pest, they do not bite people, aren’t known to transmit diseases, and do not destroy property. Lady bugs can enter into homes and other buildings in large numbers; they can become a huge nuisance and should be prevented against.

Why are lady bugs in my home?

During the spring and summer seasons lady bugs are found living outside in garden areas, helping out by feeding on nuisance pests. When the weather begins to cool in the late fall large numbers of lady bugs tend to gather together on the sunny side of homes and other buildings to stay warm. As they move up the walls they enter inside through small cracks and crevices found in exterior walls and around windows and doors. Once inside they will move throughout your home until they find their way behind walls, inside of crawl spaces, and underneath of floors, where they will remain until the weather warms backup in the spring and they move back outside.

How do you get rid of lady bugs?

Lady bugs can enter into homes in very large numbers and tend to live in the hard to reach areas of your home making finding and eliminating all of them from your home a very complex task. At Spencer Pest Services we can get rid of lady bugs from your property through our year-round residential pest control packages. Our pest control professionals have the experience and training needed control lady bugs in your home and prevent future problems with them. Contact us today for more information about our lady bug control services.

Lady bug prevention tips

Along with putting into place a year-round pest control program, there are several things you can do in and around your home to prevent problems with lady bugs.

Seal gaps found in the foundation and exterior walls of your home.

Caulk gaps found around windows and doors; install door sweeps.

Seal openings that are found around pipes, wires, and other utilities entering into your house.

Make sure that window and/or door screens are intact, and if they are not they should be repaired or replaced.

Place garden areas a distance away from the outside of your home.