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What do mealworms look like?

Mealworms are the larval stage of hard-shelled beetles. Their appearance depends on their exact species but, in general, mealworms are yellowish-brown in color, have a cylindrical body, and have a segmented hard shell. Mealworms grow to between ½ and 1 inch in length.

a mealworm outside of a home in central south carolina

Are mealworms dangerous?

No, mealworms are not considered to be a dangerous pest; they are considered to be nuisance pest. They don’t bite or sting. However, just because they aren’t considered to be dangerous doesn’t mean that their presence inside a home or business should be tolerated. Mealworms living inside a home have the potential to contaminate grain, cereals and other dry goods, and their presence can be the indicator of a mold issue somewhere that needs to be addressed.

Why are mealworms in my home?

Mealworms often find their way into homes that offer them an environment they can thrive in. Mealworms are found congregating in damp dark areas such as basements, crawl spaces, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. Mealworms can also make their way into homes inside products purchased from the store.

How do you get rid of mealworms?

Due to their hard-to-reach hiding spots, ridding your home of nuisance mealworms can be a tricky and frustrating task, one that should be left up to the pest professionals at Spencer Pest Services. Spencer Pest Services can quickly eliminate mealworms from your property through our year-round residential or commercial pest control packages. Our pest control professionals have the experience, dedication, and training needed to control mealworms in your home, and prevent future problems with them. Contact us today for more information about our mealworm-control services for your home or business.

Mealworm prevention tips

Along with putting into place a year-round pest control program, there are several things you can do in and around your property to prevent problems with mealworms. Mealworm prevention tips include:

  • Sealing gaps found in the foundation and exterior walls of your structure.
  • Caulking gaps found around windows and doors and making sure that weather stripping is intact.
  • Reducing humidity levels inside your home by installing dehumidifiers, properly ventilating crawl spaces, and using ventilation fans in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Keeping logs, rocks, and other organic material away from the exterior of your home or building to help prevent attracting mealworms to the exterior of your home.
  • Checking packages for rips or tears before purchasing items from the grocery store.