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What is mildew?

Mildew is a form of fungus and is closely related to mold. Mildew tends to be white and appears as a thin coating that consists of microscopic hyphae. Mildew usually starts out yellow or white in color but then changes to brown or black as it ages. Mildew is often found in small localized patches on the surfaces of plants or crops and on the surfaces of damp objects.


What is the difference between mildew and mold?

Mildew and mold are both types of fungi and are very similar, though they do have some major difference that you must understand:

  • Mildew is “flat” in appearance and is described as powdery or downy, while mold is usually described as “fuzzy” in appearance.
  • Mildew is typically white or gray in color, eventually turning black or brown; mold is typically dark black or green in color.
  • Mildew has no real beneficial uses; many species of mold have beneficial uses including its role in the making of antibiotics.
  • Mildew is known for causing damage to plants and crops, while mold can cause structural damage to homes and other buildings.

Where can mildew be found?

Mildew is found thriving in damp places. Inside homes, mildew thrives in moist, dark places like showers, basements, crawl spaces, and areas found around leaky plumbing pipes. Mildew can also develop on the surfaces of damp clothing, leather, paper, and on window sills. Outside, mildew often pops-up on crops, plants, and leaves.

Is mildew dangerous?

Mildew has the possibility to be dangerous to people, plants, and crops. Mildew can cause health problems in some people including respiratory issues and headaches. Some strains of mildew that develop on plants or crops can prevent them from thriving and may even affect their survival.

What are the signs of mildew?

If you have a mildew problem in your home you may start to notice some of the following common signs inside your home:

  • You or family members begin exhibiting health problems associated with mildew.
  • There may be a “mildewy” or musty odor inside a specific area of your home or throughout your entire home.
  • Small, localized patches of mold -white, yellow, black or brown in color – may be found on the surfaces of your home in places like showers, bathrooms, or on basement walls.

How do you prevent mildew problems?

The best way to prevent mildew issues on your property is to seek help from a professional mildew control expert. Spencer Pest Services has the tools, knowledge, and experience to put into place prevention measures inside crawl spaces to stop mildew from taking over your home. Our moisture control solutions for your home’s crawl spaces prevents issues with mold and mildew, improve air quality, and lower your property’s energy bills. 
We cover:

  • Full Enclosed Crawl Spaces with CrawlSpace Care®
  • Vapor Barrier Plus
  • Moisture Barrier and Vents

Call us to learn more about our moisture control options for your South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia home or business. We are here to help you.