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Pavement Ants

What do pavement ants look like?

Adult pavement ants vary in color from dark brown to black, the head and thorax have grooved parallel lines, and the thorax has a pair of small spines extending out from the rear end. The reproductive members of the colony are winged and have grooves on the head and thorax. Queens grow to be about 3/8th of an inch in length; workers are smaller and grow to be about 1/8 of an inch in length.

pavement ants

Are pavement ants dangerous?

Pavement ants are considered to be a nuisance pest, not a dangerous pest. Pavement ants have a stinger but they aren’t aggressive at all and rarely sting. Pavement ants can however, invade properties and homes in large numbers and should be eliminated as soon as an infestation is noticed.

Where do pavement ants nest?

Pavement ants nest in cracks of pavement and cement. Their nests can be found along and in the cracks of driveways, under and along sidewalks, under concrete slabs, and underneath of foundations.  Inside of homes and other buildings they typically create nests behind walls in the insulation, under floors, in crawl spaces, or in ground-level masonry walls.

What do pavement ants eat?

Pavement ants feed on a wide variety of food including sweets, fruits, grease and dead insects. Pavement ants are attracted to properties that offer them easy access to food sources like garbage, compost piles, and garden areas.

How do you get rid of pavement ants?

Pavement ants can enter into homes and other buildings in very large numbers. They nest in the hard to reach areas of your home, making finding and eliminating all of them from your property a tricky task. At Spencer Pest Services we can get rid of nuisance pavement ants from your property through our year-round residential and commercial pest control packages. Our pest control professionals have the experience and training needed to find, eliminate, and control pavement ants. Contact us today for more information about our pavement ant control services.

Pavement ant prevention tips

The following tips can help to prevent a pavement ant infestation from occurring on your property or in your home.

  • Caulk gaps found around windows and doors, seal openings found in your property’s foundation and exterior walls.
  • Fill in spaces found around wires and other utilities entering into your home.
  • Store trash cans and a distance away from the outside of your home until trash pick-up day; make sure they have tight fitting lids.
  • Place gardens and compost piles a distance away from the outside of your home.
  • Keep your home’s counters and floors clear of spills and crumbs. Store food in plastic or glass sealed containers or in the refrigerator.