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Pharaoh Ants

What do pharaoh ants look like?

Adult pharaoh ants are a very small species of ant; the workers grow to about 1/16th of an inch in length. The queens grow to be about double the size of the workers- growing up to 1/8th of an inch in length; the queen is also a bit darker in color. Their abdomens are darker in color than their pale red or yellowish-brown bodies.

pharaoh ant

Are pharaoh ants dangerous?

Pharaoh ants are a dangerous species of ant. They are considered to be dangerous for several reasons:

  • They contaminate food sources.
  • They have the ability to “bud”. This occurs when the colony smells a toxic substance and some of the workers and a single queen will move away to form a new colony.
  • Budding allows for many colonies to form on a property or in a home or other building.
  • They carry and transmit diseases including salmonella and Streptococcus.
  • Pharaoh ants are problematic in hospitals where they are known to invade IV’s, and contaminate patient wounds.

Why are pharaoh ants in my home?

Pharaoh ants are often found inside of homes because this species of ant actually prefers to nest inside rather than outside. They move inside of homes and between different homes and buildings using electrical wires and cables as their own personal highway system. Inside they like to nest in warm humid areas that are close food sources (sweets, oils, proteins, and other insects). If a property is infested with pharaoh ants they will typically be found behind appliances, behind walls voids, in basements, and in crawl spaces.

How do you get rid of pharaoh ants?

Pharaoh ants carry dangerous diseases and can enter into homes and other properties in very large numbers; hiding and nesting in the very hard to reach areas of your home, making finding and eliminating all of them from your property a very tricky task. At Spencer Pest Services we can get rid of dangerous pharaoh ants from your property through our year-round residential and commercial pest control packages. Our pest control professionals have the experience and training needed to find, eliminate and control pharaoh ants and to prevent future problems with them. Contact us today for more information about our pharaoh ant control services for both homes and businesses.

Pharaoh ants prevention tips

Because of the many dangers associated with pharaoh ants, putting into place the preventative measures is very important. These following tips can help to prevent a pharaoh ant infestation from occurring within your property.

  • Caulk gaps found around windows and doors, seal openings found in your property’s foundation and exterior walls.
  • Fill in spaces found around wires and other utilities entering into your home.
  • Trim trees, bushes, shrubs, and other landscaping back away from the exterior of your home that they could use to gain easy access to your property.
  • Place outdoor trash cans and a distance away from the outside of your home; make sure they have tight fitting lids.
  • Routinely move and clean out behind large appliances.
  • Quickly pick up crumbs and spills; store food inside of plastic or glass containers with lids or in the refrigerator.