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Things We Look For When We Inspect For Wildlife And Rodents

Long before you realize micesquirrels or wild critters have invaded your home, you can experience some of the many issues these creatures can bring with them. You may use a utensil that has been tainted by urine or feces left by a rat or mouse in your silverware drawer. You could get an infestation of fleas, which can be quite perplexing if you don’t have pets. You, or someone else in your family, could start having flu-like symptoms and just assume this is the time of year when people get the flu. There are all kinds of ways invading animals can make your family sick, and there are many secondary pests they can bring into your home. That is why it is important to know when you have an invading animal.

Obvious Signs

When rodents and wildlife get into places they shouldn’t, there are some signs that are hard to miss:

  • The smell of skunk filling your house.
  • Bumping, scratching, or squeaking in your wall voids or attic spaces.
  • Chew holes in food packages.
  • Droppings in the backs of drawers, in cabinets, and on shelves.

Things A Professional Looks For:

  • Chew holes in soffits.
  • Chew holes in exterior walls, especially around pipes, electrical conduit, and other items that go into the home.
  • Holes in hard-to-see places
  • Activity of animals in the yard.
  • Branches that lend access to a roofline.
  • Damage to plants in the yard, especially vegetable plants.
  • Digging or tunneling.
  • Disturbed trash cans.
  • Nesting and bedding and other evidence in attic spaces.
  • Beyond inspection, we may also use baiting and trapping surveillance techniques to monitor for rodent and wildlife activity in your yard and in your home. This is the only foolproof way to know for sure whether or not animals have invaded.

If you find evidence of rodent or wildlife invasion, it is time to get professional help. Safely removing animals is only one small part of keeping your home and your family safe.

When you have a rodent and wildlife control specialist from Spencer Pest Services take care of your wildlife problem, you can expect a detailed inspection, professional trapping and removal services, holes sealed to prevent future infestations, sanitization of contaminated areas, and exterior baiting surveillance to reduce structural damage.

At Spencer Pest Services, we don’t just remove rodents and wildlife. We protect homes from damage, and families from the sickness caused by harmful bacteria, wildlife diseases, and illnesses caused by secondary parasites.

Don’t know if you have invading rodents or wildlife? Schedule a free inspection today!