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Prepare For Mosquito Season

We have entered into that time of the year when spring is so close you can actually feel it in the air. Windows are being thrown open and curtains pulled back on warmer days to air out the house after being closed up for months. You can almost feel the flip-flops on your feet as the winter chill moves on for another year. While we are soaking up this very early season sun we are reminded that it won’t be long before those buzzing in your ear, blood sucking, annoying mosquitoes will be back in full force driving us all back inside again.

As annoying as the mosquito is, the real problem is that they can also be quite dangerous. Mosquitoes carry quite a few diseases around with them that make their bites more than just a tiny welt with a large itch. Malaria, encephalitis, West Nile, and the latest, the Zika virus are among the known viruses that mosquitoes carry. All of these viruses can make humans very sick and have consequences that can last the rest of infected person’s life.

So, how do we minimize contact with mosquitoes? You can help your cause tremendously by making sure that your property isn’t an attractive place for mosquitoes to be or to breed. You can accomplish this by keeping your grass and bushes neatly trimmed which helps to give mosquitoes fewer hiding spots when the sun gets too hot for them to be active. It is also important to eliminate any standing water sources in which mosquitoes will lay eggs. Empty out containers that might be catching rainwater in your yard like plant pots and the trays found under them. Clean out rain gutters so that water may flow freely, and rake up any debris piles that you might have in the yard. These preventative measures can be helpful but are in no way foolproof.

Consider Spencer Pest Service’s mosquito abatement plan for effective protection from mosquitoes. Our plan includes finding any sources of standing water that you may not even be aware of, this helps to remove any place for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Then, professional team members from Spencer Pest Services will spray any bushes, shrubs, or garden areas that mosquitoes tend to use to stay out of the heat of the day.

Don’t spend your summer nursing those red, itchy welts and potentially becoming ill from a mosquito-borne virus when the Spencer Pest Services team offers outdoor pest control packages to control mosquitoes and other pests that are plaguing your backyard.