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Protect Your Kids From Mosquitoes This Season

The best place for kids to be this time of year is outside playing. Playing outdoors has some great brain growth and educational benefits, plus, it can give you a chance to clean up the house some. It is a win-win for the family.

The one drawback for kids playing outside is that those pesky mosquitoes are out and about looking for some blood to procure to lay eggs with. It’s a terrible feeling when a child comes in from the outside and has mosquito bite bumps all over their body.

How Can You Prevent Mosquito Bites on Kids?

  1. First, know that you may never be able to fully ensure from a bite. Depending on the area of your house, proximity to water, city drain systems, etc. there can always be something that allows mosquitoes to breed around your home. So do not be so hard on yourself.
  2. Police your house for standing water. Standing water in drains, pet bowls, fire pits, yard ditches, etc. are all potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Do what you can to eliminate standing water around your house. If you have some standing water that cannot be removed, then consider applying a larvicide  to prevent mosquito growth.
  3. Choose when the kids are going outside. Mosquitoes typically feed in the dusk and dawn hours of the day. So if your children are outside playing during these times there is more probability of getting bit by mosquitoes. Make plans to stay indoors during these times and then go outside when they are less likely to be in feeding frenzy mode.
  4. Be sure to put a mosquito repellent on your kids before going outside. DEET is the most effective repellent against mosquitoes.
  5. Dress your kids in long pants and sleeves to leave less skin exposed. Put on loose clothing so that the mosquitoes cannot get close enough to the skin in order to bite.
  6. If all this not helping, or not an option for you, then call us for professional application services. We can help to keep your yard buzz free for much of the spring and summer.

Taking some time to do a few of these prevention practices will help to diminish the mosquito population around your house.