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Reasons to Hire a Professional Gutter Cleaning Company

man cleaning gutter

Have a chronic ant problem that won’t go away? Tired of sharing the bathroom with those large “water bugs” (actually a type of large outdoor cockroach that occasionally ventures inside) at 3 am in the morning when nature calls?

Noticing bubbling paint, discoloration, and rot around your fascia and soffits? Do you need a small boat, scuba gear, or a snorkel to get into your crawl space after a large rain?

While these four scenarios may seem unrelated, they all have a common cause i.e., your clogged gutters. The ants and roaches are nesting in the large piles of wet leaves and debris lodged in the gutters. Once these pests are nesting in your gutters, they are not likely to just stay outside. There is a good chance before long you’ll see them inside the home in the bathroom or kitchen (moisture rich places in the home).

The bubbling paint, discoloration, and rot on your fascia and soffits is caused by a fungus that grows in the chronically wet environment around your roofline due to the water build up in your backed up gutters. This wood rot can cause costly repairs, mar the aesthetics of your home, and even attract aerial termite colonies into your attic (yes that’s a thing!).

The damp, water laden crawl space is a result of water not draining properly away due to your jammed up gutters.

Prolonged standing water and moisture in the crawl space can result in foundation issues, termites, wood destroying beetles, wood decay, and even cause fly problems (I’ve seen mosquito and Phorid fly larvae breeding in crawl spaces on numerous occasions).

What should you do about the gutter problem?

Bust out the 40 ft. ladder, your cougar paw roofing boots, and the electric leaf blower on that pristine albeit breezy fall (no pun intended) morning and get to work?

While many homeowners enjoy doing it themselves and are perfectly competent, some things are just better left to the professionals.

Let Spencer Pest Services solve your clogged gutter problem and nip a host of problems in the bud. Our expert technicians are experienced and prepared to work at heights and can not only thoroughly clean your Gutter Professionally but also give your home the attention it deserves by looking for other potential pest problems. Spencer Pest is just a mere click, text, or call away from solving your gutter problems! Schedule your gutter cleaning services now!