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Recognizing the Warning Signs of Mouse Infestation


Hearing some squeaks and scratches at dusk and dawn in your house? 

Finding some black, rice-sized droppings in the back of your kitchen cabinets or underneath your stove?

Reaching for your favorite bag of chips in the pantry and noticing a small hole where something (besides you) has been snacking?

Seeing chewed rubber at the bottom corner of your garage door seal?

If you’ve seen some or all these things the bad news is you probably have mice in your house.

Mice, like us, are getting ready for the colder temperatures and shorter days and are looking for a nice place to spend the holidays. Since their natural food source (seeds) is quickly vanishing with the onset of winter and with it the ground cover that keeps them concealed from predators, they are looking for alternative food sources and harborage. 

Nothing smells better than your home cooking and nothing seems cozier than a nice nest in your insulated wall void, attic, or crawl space in close proximity to that home cooking.

While the bad news is that you have mice, the good news is tht Spencer Pest Services is just a text, click, or call away from ridding your home of all its mice problems. 

Not only do the rodent removal experts at Spencer’s remove the mice from your home, but they take it to the next level by sealing up all accessible entry points to keep the mice out before they get in. 

Most pest control companies only address half the problem (the mice inside) but fail to address the larger problem of entry points and conducive conditions on the exterior. Not so with Spencer Pest Services, we’ll come up with a comprehensive game plan to keep your facility mice free. Contact us today!