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Rodent Control Myths

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There are many myths that abound in pest control ( and society for that matter) for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s because pests cause such psychological stress to the tenant or homeowner, or because people are looking for ways around using pesticides, or simply because of the ease of information (or disinformation) on the internet. Whatever the reason, you’ve probably heard or seen a few like corn grits will explode fire ant’s stomach (they won’t) or electromagnetic repellers work on deterring cockroaches (they don’t trust me I’ve seen it).  

With cooling temperatures and shorter days not only are invertebrate pests such as bugs trying to get in our beautifully decorated fall homes, so are vertebrate pests such as rodents that are trying to stay warm and dry for the upcoming winter. And just as myths abound with bugs, so do they with rodents. 

some of the ones you may have heard are:

“the mice or rat will eat the rodenticide and go outside and find water and die away from your home”

“mice’s favorite bait is cheese”

“mice hate peppermint oil, if you put some out, you’ll have no mice”

Unfortunately, these are not true. If a rat or mouse eats the rodent bait that you or your pest control company has put out (depending on which kind) they’ll die wherever they happen to fall in 1-5 days. Sadly this has happened in a wall void in a kitchen or bedroom.

Mice are omnivores and will eat about anything but cheese isn’t as high on the list as saying chocolate or peanut butter.

Mice adapt to all sorts of environments such as place bakeries, restaurants, clean or filthy homes, grocery stores, and sewers. While peppermint oil might make your home smell nice, it won’t keep it rodent free.

What does work?

Tips to keep your home rodent free:

  • Keep the yard clean and neat, free of debris, clutter and tall grass. The fewer places for these small prey animals to hide and harbor the better.
  • Make sure all utility penetrations and gaps around windows and doors are sealed. Keep them out before they get in. 
  • Keep food in tight fitting containers, don’t leave pet food out overnight, and generally keep your home in good sanitation, no food for the mice means they’ll go to easier pickings.

Effective rodent control involves many steps beyond traps set with cheese. Let the rodent removal experts at Spencer Pest Services take the worry out of keeping mice and rats out of your house. Spencer Pest is just one click, text, or call away!