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  • Have you heard scratching in your walls or noise in your attic?
  • Did you discover droppings in your garage or identified a stench you just can’t put your finger on?
  • Are you concerned that you might come face to face with a rat or squirrel in your home?
  • Have you hired a rodent control company before and felt “nickle and dimed” for each visit to your home?
  • Would you be interested in a warranty that covers reoccurrences should a mouse or rat make it back into your home?


You Deserve Effective Rodent Control

Rodents such as mice and rats can be dangerous to your health and the structure of your home.

Our experts are trained to capture, eliminate, and prevent rodents from infesting your home so you can have a safe and rodent-free home in no time.

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You Want a Rodent Free Home & Yard.

We Can Help.
  • Multi-generational family leadership has guided our company for over 65 years
  • We have an accredited ACE (bug expert!) on staff
  • Our customers have been with us for an average of 11 years – that’s 4 more than most companies

It’s Easy To Be Rodent Free

  1. Contact us – Phone, website, text or chat!
  2. Tell us about your mice, rat or squirrel problem and how quickly you need it solved.
  3. Be confident that your rodent problem will be solved and off your “to-do” list!

Get Dangerous Rodents Out Of Your Home

And Keep Them Out…For Good

Our thorough 5-step process ensures mice, rats and squirrels are eliminated from your home and can’t return.

  • Inspection: Our throughout inspection finds current resting and nesting areas and access points.
  • Exclusion: We seal any points of entry that prevent rodents from entering your home.
  • Trapping and Removal: We use a variety of techniques – such as live cage traps, glue boards, and snap traps. These are placed near your home and where rodent activity was identified.
  • Sanitize: We use a sanitizing spray where rodent activity has occurred to eliminate pheromones and neutralize the feces and urine that these pests leave behind.
  • Exterior Bait Stations: To reduce the chance of a repeat infestation, we use exterior bait stations around the exterior of your home.

Never Worry About Rodent Control Again

Our Premier VIP Program is a proactive & comprehensive plan that fully protects your home from all pests and critters, including mice and rats.

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