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Rodent Problems You Should Avoid

“You deserve a break today!” “Taste the rainbow!” And “Just Do It!” All of these are popular slogans you probably recognize. And they probably give you a good feeling when you read them. However, what if we just changed them a little. Would you get a good feeling from these slogans? “You deserve a rat today!” “Taste the trash can!” And “Just chew it!” Yeah, we thought so. Rats don’t make anything better.

Here are some of the problems caused when rodents are allowed to run wild and multiply in and around your home:

  • Rodents chew. A lot. Over time this can lead to insulation being thinned out and openings being created, which can allow heat or cool air to escape. These holes may also allow water to leak into your home, causing wood rot and other water damage, as well as mold issues.
  • Chewing rodents will also damage the structure of your home and can damage or destroy items stored in your attic, even treasured keepsakes that cannot be replaced. And if this isn’t bad enough, rodents may also chew on wires. This can cause a spark and destroy more than just a couple of keepsakes.
  • Rodents don’t come alone. Not only do they often bring other rodent friends, but they carry secondary pests in their fur, like mites, ticks, and fleas.
  • Rodents spread urine and feces everywhere they roam. Not only are those droppings in the backs of silverware drawers annoying, they can contain all sorts of disease-causing bacteria. And rodents can carry bacteria on their fur as well, as they travel from sewers, dumpsters, and compost heaps, right into your kitchen.

Rodent Prevention Tips

  • Rodents need places to hide in your yard. If you keep your grass trimmed neatly and take care of weeds and overgrown areas, those rodents will have fewer places to hide.
  • Rodents love to hide in lawn clutter. If you have clutter of any kind, wood piles, construction materials, kids’ toys, etc, rodents will love you for it. These types of hiding places will allow rodents and other animals to come in closer to your home.
  • Rodents are drawn to trash. If you have trash stored outside, make sure it is in tightly sealed containers, so animals cannot get into it and the smells are sealed inside.
  • Rodents will hide in vegetation against your home. Keeping bushes, trees, and other vegetation trimmed back away from your home will remove those hiding places. Rodents will also use these as bridges to get from the ground to your walls or roof areas.
  • Rodents are attracted to water sources. Fix any leaky spigots and dry up any water problems you have around your home or on your property.
  • Rodents will squeeze through holes in your exterior walls, and if those holes are too small they will chew them larger. Seal up any entry points.

If you are experiencing rodent issues in or around your home this season, consider partnering with Spencer Pest Services. Spencer has the experience, the tools, and the knowledge to take care of that rodent problem for you. Remember, “You deserve a break today!” so “Just do it!” Call for help and get relief from your rodent problems.