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Rodent Proofing Your Home For Fall

Have you ever watched a wildlife documentary? If you have, you may have seen that scientists sometimes capture animals, tag them, and release them back into the wild. There are many reasons as to why they do this. One reason they do this is so they can track those animals. If it were possible to tag every rodent in our area, just before the cold weather of winter sets in, and track them using sophisticated equipment, what do you think we’d find? You probably guessed it; we’d see them getting into our homes. Here are a few ways this happens, and why it is so important to rodent proof our homes in the fall.

If we were to put tags on mice, we would see them sniffing around the base of our homes and chewing through a rotted window frame in a foundation wall or squeezing through a dime-sized hole in a door frame.

If we could tag all Norway rats in our area, we’d see them burrowing under piles of stuff in our yards, or hiding under our exterior stairs or porches. We’d also see them use their strong teeth to enter an area of rotted wood just above our foundation wall or squeezing through a quarter-sized gap around a water pipe.

If we could track all of the roof rats, we would see how they use tree branches to get onto our roofs and chew in through our rooflines. We’d also notice them when they find entry points low to the ground, places such as the corner of the garage door.

Check out this resource for more information on how rodents get in.

We would be horrified to watch them moving about inside our homes, invading food-storage areas, licking the butter dish on the counter in the middle of the night, rubbing their dirty fur coats on our dishes and silverware, or nibbling on fruit left out on the kitchen table.

Before rodents explore your home for a way to get in (or before they make one) let the wildlife control specialists at Spencer Pest Services help. We are a full-service wildlife-management company. We don’t just remove rodents and other pest wildlife. We do detailed inspections to locate trouble areas and seal entry points to keep animals from getting inside your home in the first place. And we back our service with a one-year warranty!

Don’t wait till rodents get in; get your exterior sealed and protected before the cold weather drives those furry critters to do something you’ll both regret. Give us a call for more information about our residential pest control services