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Rodents Invading Your Greenville Home

Have you ever been woken by the sound of scratching in your walls that sounds like it could be right inside your bedroom? It can be quite a mystery if it’s the first time you experience this, and you may even start searching for the source just to return for a good night’s rest. Or perhaps you are in the kitchen cooking and when you pull out a drawer for a spatula there are little mouse droppings that weren’t there the day before? These are just a few signs that your home is undergoing a rodent infestation. There are so many reasons and ways rodents will find their way into your home causing a nuisance and, more importantly, damage to your home. Rodents that you find in your home during events like these are mice, squirrels and roof rats.

You also may wonder why these rodents have chosen to terrorize your home. Mice, for example, enter into homes for warmth, water, and food. There are so many different places a mouse can gain entry into your house. Even a quick minute of your garage door being open is an entryway for a future infestation. If you have a window open with a damaged screen, a crack in the corner of your roof, or even through a loose window in a basement or attic. If your home has a tendency to have a lot of crumbs, or open doors or cracks then rodents will see your home as a large target for entry.

Along with having the annoyance of rodents roaming around in your ceilings and walls, there is the issue of contamination. One mouse alone can contaminate a lot more food that they can eat. Since rodents are attracted to food sources they become a threat to your food supply in your house and it needs to be addressed in order to avoid sickness. Once a rodent enters your home they will often find an area to nest and this will lead to reproduction and an even larger headache. When a rodent enters your walls they do not hold back. They will gnaw through wood, paper, wiring and anything that gets in their way. This can cause significant damage and cause large repair bills.

Rodent control is not to be taken lightly. With the high potential for contamination and damage within your homes walls, rodents need to be removed and prevented from returning to ensure a safe and sound environment for you and your family. At Spencer Pest Services we know the importance of your family’s health and wellbeing and we are the best at what we do. It’s no coincidence that other companies even look for our advice on solving various rodent issues. Place your home in our hands and we will not disappoint. We have a variety of service packages that will meet your rodent control needs. Contact us today and we let us show you how and why our services excel among the rest.