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Selling Your Home? Get A CL-100 From Spencer Pest Control

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If you’ve been through the process of selling a house in South Carolina, you know that a CL-100 inspection is required for lenders in this state before they can close on a house. What this inspection does is report any findings of wood-destroying pests and fungi. Since pests such as termites are so prevalent in our area, buyers and lenders need to make sure infestations are eliminated and that any damage that has been caused is taken care of before proceeding with the sale. This tends to be a nuisance and an extra headache when trying to sell a home because it adds to the already lengthy process, but it’s ultimately for everyone’s best interest. CL-100 ensures that your house has no damage and is ready for the next homeowners to move in. This also means that CL-100 will make sure you get the best value for the sale of your home.

Termites are a hazardous pest in South Carolina, affecting many homes. The damage they cause can be extensive and costly, sometimes deeming a property unsafe to live in. CL-100 inspections are meant to identify whether or not a home has been subjected to termites in the past or is currently infested. Termites may be the most destructive pest to enter a home, but the inspection can also pinpoint other damaging pests, fungi, and mold within the home. Some of the typical pests the inspection picks up on are termites, mice, rats, squirrels, and carpenter ants. Once the inspection is completed, the information is written up into a letter for documentation. The infestation and damage will then have to be addressed and the damage repaired before moving forward. Spencer Pest Services offers a one-stop-shop service that can take care of this whole process.
The inspectors at Spencer Pest Services are licensed and certified to perform CL-100 inspections. We will identify if any pests have been or are currently in the home and the damage that’s been done. We also remove the pests, as well as repair the damage. Everything can be done through us to keep things simple and the process flowing smoothly. We work to offer all home maintenance repairs directly through us. If we don’t offer the service, we will do the work to find someone who can. Learn more about this service on our realtor page.
Spencer Pest Services is a locally operated business that has been serving the area since 1954. We pride ourselves in giving homeowners peace of mind. If you’re selling a house, chat with us or schedule your inspection today. Homebuyers that request our CL-100 inspection will get a free initial pest service when they sign up for our one-year agreement. For realtors, we provide a free initial pest service with no obligation for your homebuyer; the perfect housewarming gift! Read more about our services or get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you.