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Sentricon® System Vs. Liquid Treatments

There are a lot of products that claim to take care of termites, but for pest control companies that rely upon successful and continual protection for their customers in order to stay in business, there are really only two termite control choices: bait or liquid barrier. A baiting system is made up of strategically placed, low visual impact, feeding stations that lure worker termites in and feed them a poison that they take back to their colony–and to their queen. And a liquid barrier is a wall of insecticide put inside the soil around a home that kills termites when they pass through it. But which of these two systems is best? There is some debate between pest control companies. Here are the facts we’ve used to make our decision.

  1. The Sentricon® System uses bait to stop termites by eliminating the queen. When the queen dies the colony dies, and the termite threat is eliminated. There are no more termites from that colony crawling around your home looking for a weak spot in your defenses. Most liquid treatments do nothing to address the colony that is attacking. They just kill whatever passes through that barrier. And since a liquid barrier can break down over time, there is no knowing when a hole will appear in your defensive wall.
  2. The liquid insecticides that are designed to work by destroying any attacking colonies by using worker termites to pass a neutralizing agent back through its ranks, are not a proven science. The Sentricon® System has over 60 scientific studies that have been done on it by independent researchers and universities. There are less than five studies that have evaluated the effectiveness of liquid insecticides that work to destroy colonies.
  3. The Sentricon System does not require digging or trenching like a liquid treatment does. This trenching can disrupt the landscaping around a home, and even require some concrete to be broken. In order to be effective, the liquid barrier must completely surround the structure it is protecting.
  4. With the Sentricon System, technicians can see that the product is working. If bait has been taken, those stations can be restocked. It is impossible to see if a liquid barrier has deteriorated.
  5. Since liquid barriers are put into the soil, they can leach into water sources in the area. Bait works entirely inside the termites.
  6. The Sentricon System requires no mixing or complex application, which means much less chance of operator failure.
  7. The Sentricon System is the only termite control product to ever win the U.S. EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Award. If you’re looking for an award winning green product you will most assuredly find it in the Sentricon System.

There are many more reasons the Sentricon System is the clear winner, and why the experts here at Spencer Pest Services trust this termite control product to protect our customers. In fact, we trust it so much we offer a $1,000,000 repair guarantee. When you have Spencer and Sentricon, you don’t have to wonder if your property is protected, it’s guaranteed.