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Sentricon Vs. Liquid Treatments

Termites, despite their small size, are one of the most destructive pests found living in the United States. If not stopped the structural damages that they can cause to homes and other buildings are unparalleled. To control termites most pest control companies rely on two methods of control, bait and liquid treatments. At Spencer Pest Services we highly recommend and use bait to control and eliminate termites found on properties throughout Greenville, SC. We want to provide you with the information you need to understand why we rely on the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ instead of the more traditional liquid treatment options; and why you should too!

Benefits of choosing the Sentricon System over liquid termiticides:
One of the biggest benefits of choosing Sentricon® with Always Active™ over liquid treatment options is that Sentricon® with Always Active™ requires no trenching or digging on your property; instead bait stations are placed discreetly and non-invasively around your structure. When using liquid treatments tunnels or trenches need to be dug in order to introduce the product into the soil, this process can damage your lawn and landscaping.

Liquid treatments rely on the invading termites passing through the barrier of liquid termiticide that was placed in the soil. However, there is no way of knowing if there are gaps or holes within that barrier that are allowing termites to travel through unaffected. Also, it is important to remember that over time the barrier will break down, rendering it mostly ineffective. In contrast Sentricon® with Always Active™ relies on bait stations, our technicians place the bait in the stations and are able to monitor those stations. They can see if the bait has been taken, if it has you know that the system is working and the termite colony is being eliminated! There is no guessing when it comes to the effectiveness of Sentricon® with Always Active™!

When it comes to protecting the environment Sentricon® with Always Active™ is the clear winner, in fact it has won! Sentricon® with Always Active™ is the only termite control product to win the EPA Green Chemistry Challenge award. Liquid termite control products are mixed in with the soil, this means that there is a high probability that the product can leach into nearby water sources. Liquid products need to be mixed together, and simple human error could lead to serious consequences. With Sentricon® with Always Active™ what you see is what you get; our technicians simply place the bait into the bait stations!

Finally, let’s talk about how each product works and why in our mind Sentricon® with Always Active™ is our clear choice. Liquid termiticides work by contaminating the foraging termites that pass through the barrier, but with this method, there is no guarantee that the affected termites are able to contaminate the rest of the colony with the product. The much more effective Sentricon® with Always Active™ works by using the colony against themselves and allows them to forage and feed their colony just as they normally would. The workers are highly attracted to the bait that has been placed in the stations, even more so than the wood in your home. The workers feed on the bait and take it back to the colony where they feed it to the rest of the members, including the queen; without the queen, the colony in its entirety dies off.

Contact Spencer Pest Services today to learn more about installing Sentricon® with Always Active™ around your Greenville, SC property to eliminate and protect your property from termites. Remember when living in the south it is not a matter of if termites will invade your property, but rather a matter of when!