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Spring Weather And Your Crawlspace

Do you have a crawlspace under your home? If you’re in our South Carolina service area, this is the time of year when you’re going to start having more of a problem with moisture. This problem can manifest itself in many ways. Some are noticeable, like a reduced quality of air throughout your home and moisture pests crawling around. Some are not so noticeable, like mildew or mold, and wood decay. Here is a nuts-and-bolts look at how your crawlspace is more susceptible to moisture in spring.

There is a lot of science involved when trying to explain condensation, relative humidity, convection, and other moisture-related concepts. But rather than make this a science lecture, what you need to know most is that an increase in the temperature of the air outside your home, and the ground under your home, is going to give moisture many ways to get into your crawlspace, almost as if by magic. When it does, it creates a lot of issues, including the ones mentioned above. And, if you have a ventilation system for your crawlspace, it can actually make your problem worse. When the relative humidity outside your home is higher than your the RH in your crawlspace, ventilation efforts will actually bring more moisture into your crawlspace than it is removing.

The only real solution to managing moisture in a crawlspace is to control the environment. That is why more and more people are turning to enclosed crawlspace systems as a way to protect their equity and improve their quality of life. A fully enclosed crawlspace allows for complete control of moisture from the outside air and the ground.

While a fully enclosed crawlspace is the best option, it may be too much of an investment for some. But, just because you can’t do everything, doesn’t mean you should do nothing.

At Spencer, we offer three crawlspace systems that will help you take control of your crawlspace.

  • A basic level system that controls moisture with temperature-sensing vents that open and shut based on the temperature of the air outside your home, and the application of some barrier and control products.
  • A mid-range system that controls moisture with temperature-sensing vents, the use of a dehumidifier, soil testing, 100% coverage of crawl floor, and the application of control products.
  • A complete system that offers all of the above and includes specialized options for difficult conditions, such as a high water alarm, a thermo-hygrometer, sub-floor stabilization, an odor fan, and more.

If you’ve been fighting moisture problems in your crawlspace, let Spencer Pest Services help you get control of that space with our advanced Crawlspace Care services. When you need moisture control, we have the options that work.