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Spring Weather Prompts Termite Infestations

Here it comes! That time of year that a good portion of the population has been looking forward to since December 26. Spring is just around the corner, and the warming temperatures are a welcomed change. We are starting to see those signs that we are waiting for. The grass is getting greener, and the air is sweet with new buds promising a colorful month of April. Friends and neighbors have already sent out invites to the first BBQ of the season, and the crack of bats can be heard in every school yard as baseball gets under way. There are so many great things to look forward to; we just can’t wait to get started.

While folks begin to emerge from their cozy homes to enjoy some fun in the sun, it is all too easy to forget that people are not the only ones thrilled to see the last of the cold temperatures. Pests, such as termites, have also noticed that it is time to come out of their nests and begin their work for the season. Their nests have grown to capacity, and swarms of termites are on the move looking for a new home. If the area they choose has more homes than dying trees, it could mean a huge problem for the homeowner.

Termites moving in will leave no detectible trace that they are there for many months unless the home is being monitored. Frequently, the homeowner has no idea that they are there until the signs are more visible, and a significant amount of damage has been done to the structure of the home. There might be discoloring or even sagging of the ceiling or walls that is reminiscent of water damage. Perhaps someone notices dark spots and tunneling in wooden beams and furniture or severely damaged insulated areas in the attic or basement. All these signs can be just the tip of the iceberg for what is hiding underneath where thousands of termites might be residing working 24 hours a day feasting on all the building materials your home has to offer.

The best way to prevent termite damage is simple. Call Spencer Pest Services. With the use of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, our team can work with homeowners to eliminate any termites that may be there without you even knowing it and to prevent termites from gaining access to your home in the future. Our environmentally friendly treatment plan means you can protect your home without having to disrupt your daily life and without worrying about polluting your environment. Your family and pets are protected as well. Call us today and ask us for an initial inspection to determine the best way to protect your home from termites this spring.