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Tag: bats

Sep 20 2021

While one might think such a pithy saying is reserved for typical summertime pastimes like watching home runs at a Braves game or flying kites on the beach, this saying…

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Aug 8 2019

Most of us have that one friend who has a story about a bat flying around their house at night. It accompanies a lot of shrieking and ducking and hiding, and maybe even a broom being swung through the…

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Dec 12 2018

Bats can cause quite a bit of pandemonium for people, especially when inside one’s house! They can definitely be scary. While they may scare people quite a bit, did you know these creatures are…

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Aug 17 2018

There are only two kinds of people in the world: those who love bats and those who don’t. But, within the group that doesn’t love bats, there are some who think it is okay to have bats around, even…

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