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Tag: Carpenter Bees

Jun 19 2019

Most Greenville homeowners realize that when an insect has the word “carpenter” in its name, it’s bad news. That generalization holds for carpenter bees.

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Mar 28 2019

We often fear bees because we are afraid of their painful stings. We don’t often think about other problems bees may cause. But carpenter bees, while relatively harmless to humans, can do a great…

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Sep 20 2018

It’s fall here in Greenville, South Carolina, and due to the temperate nature of our state, carpenter bees are still buzzing about. Hives are at full capacity, and bees are flying about preparing…

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Jul 19 2018

Carpenter bees are much like any other bee you may encounter in your backyard: they have the same black and yellow coloring and are fuzzy-looking, just like bumblebees. However, they do differ from…

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Jun 29 2018

Carpenter bees are an interesting species of bee to discuss; unlike other species of stinging insects, they don’t pose much of a threat to people – the females have a stinger but are extremely…

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