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Jun 22 2021

Ever wonder what those hundreds of “little worm like ” creatures are in your basement or your swimming pool every summer? They’re the relatively harmless yet annoying millipede. They don’t…

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Nov 28 2019

Oriental cockroaches have shiny black bodies and are about 25 mm to 32 mm in length, depending on their gender. Male Oriental cockroaches are smaller and have short wings, which…

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Nov 21 2019

Many people believe that pest control becomes less important during the colder months because they believe that all bugs die off once fall arrives. However, pest threats don’t just go away, and pest…

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Nov 6 2019

You may think that fleas are just irritating pests that bite and leave itchy bite wounds. But while itchy bites are certainly the most probable outcome of having fleas, fleas can harm you and your…

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Oct 31 2019

We use smart ideas and eco-friendly products to protect families from harmful pests. And that’s just the beginning.

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Oct 23 2019

Did you know that your Greenville home is a hot commodity for rodents this time of year? It’s true. Rodents of all shapes and sizes would give anything for a little bit of real estate within your…

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