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Sep 19 2019

Ant season can last year-round. You’re most likely to find ants in your home during the summer and into the fall.

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Sep 17 2019

Fleas are tiny insects, only an eighth of an inch long. But although they are small, they are not insignificant! Fleas use animals as hosts, feeding on their blood. They sometimes get inside houses.

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Aug 30 2019

Cockroaches are no joke. When they get into your home, they can make everyone sick. Here are a few more mistakes homeowners make when dealing with cockroaches.

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Aug 28 2019

Fleas are still very much a threat around Greenville, SC, causing problems for pets and their owners alike. The pleasant, cooler weather is an immediate breeding aphrodisiac for many species of flea.

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Aug 22 2019

This time of year is peak activity for bed bugs, and schools are a common place to pick them up. Parents can follow the useful tips below to help reduce the risk of their child bringing home bed bugs…

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