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Tag: home pest control

May 23 2019

It’s nearly impossible to rid your property of mosquitoes, especially with DIY methods. Bug zappers can attract and kill mosquitoes, but only in a small radius, and they are loud and messy.

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May 17 2019

Whether it is in a fold of your mattress, or a crack in your floor, bed bugs will hide wherever they can keep out of sight and mind.

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May 16 2019

When we don’t see pests, sometimes we forget a threat exists. Termites can be elusive pests that we don’t think too much about. They can stay busy inside our walls for years without us realizing…

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May 9 2019

When it comes to your home, probably your biggest investment, you take protecting it seriously. However, damage caused by fire or break-ins is not the only thing you need to worry about.

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May 3 2019

But flowers aren’t the only attractants that can bring wasps into your yard. Wasps eat sweets and meats. If you provide these food sources for wasps, you’re going to have more of them in your…

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Apr 30 2019

Chances are, you’ve seen or dealt with cockroaches at one point or another. These repulsive, filthy insects are among some of the most feared home-invading pests and for more reasons than you might…

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