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Tag: mosquito

Jun 4 2021

Mosquitoes suck. Literally, mosquitoes have specialized mouth parts like bed bugs and fleas for sucking. Whereas male mosquitoes use these sucking mouthparts for plant juices and nectar, female mosquitoes (as…

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Jul 3 2019

The Fourth of July is one of the best days of summer. Parades, fireworks, and backyard BBQ’s are often the highlights of a day filled with fun and patriotism. If you’re planning a get together at…

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May 23 2019

It’s nearly impossible to rid your property of mosquitoes, especially with DIY methods. Bug zappers can attract and kill mosquitoes, but only in a small radius, and they are loud and messy.

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Apr 4 2019

Soon the heat of summer will greet us once again. Unfortunately, with the welcoming warmer air also comes mosquitoes, tiny blood-sucking pests with a special skill for severely annoying folks.

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Mar 13 2019

It’s safe to say that no one likes mosquitoes. They seem to serve no purpose rather than to irritate and drive us to distraction on summer evenings when we’d simply like to enjoy a relaxing time…

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Feb 8 2019

With spring on its way, South Carolina will soon be dealing with its official state bird: the mosquito. The climate here, with hot summers and lots of humidity, contributes to large mosquito…

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