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Tag: rodent control

Oct 28 2021

There are many myths that abound in pest control ( and society for that matter) for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s because pests cause such psychological stress to the…

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Oct 23 2019

Did you know that your Greenville home is a hot commodity for rodents this time of year? It’s true. Rodents of all shapes and sizes would give anything for a little bit of real estate within your…

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Dec 14 2018

Gray squirrels are becoming more and more common in the Greenville area. With their unique ability to hop, climb, and run while balancing on thin power lines, they have all the necessary skills to…

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Dec 12 2018

Bats can cause quite a bit of pandemonium for people, especially when inside one’s house! They can definitely be scary. While they may scare people quite a bit, did you know these creatures are…

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Dec 6 2018

The holidays are here and bringing good cheer! We’re seeing festive lights, hearing Christmas carols, and doing more shopping. Something else we should be doing more of this holiday season is…

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Nov 13 2018

Winter will soon be upon us here in South Carolina, bringing the season of good cheer as the holidays arrive. Unfortunately, that can mean the arrival of some unwanted guests in your home – and I’m…

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