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Tag: rodents

Sep 10 2019

While mice and rats can get into your Greenville home any time of the year, your home is at greater risk of infestation in the fall. When temperatures go down, rodents have more reason to want to…

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Aug 13 2019

Pests and moisture problems in late summer and early fall can lead to rodent infestations later in the year, especially during the colder winter months.

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Feb 28 2019

As you are lying in bed at night, you hear scratching and scampering above your head. Logically, you think you have mice in your attic. So what do you do now? The first thing to do is not worry.

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Jan 7 2019

Complete rodent control is not just about getting rid of the mice and rats that have gotten into your home, it has to do with the prevention of them as well. It’s important to know how they break…

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Nov 13 2018

Winter will soon be upon us here in South Carolina, bringing the season of good cheer as the holidays arrive. Unfortunately, that can mean the arrival of some unwanted guests in your home – and I’m…

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