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Tag: spider control

Nov 8 2019

Here’s a riddle for you: What’s hairy and gross and can make you leap 3 feet into the air? Yup. Wolf spiders. Of all the spiders that get into Hendersonville homes, this one is the biggest and the…

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Jul 25 2019

Seeing spiders roaming around your yard is something you expect in the summer. Even when you see one in your house on occasion, it’s not a surprise because sometimes they get inside.

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Jun 24 2019

Spiders are cold-blooded and not attracted to warmth, so as the temperatures rise, they’re heading for somewhere cooler to live.

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Feb 25 2019

There are many types of spiders in the world, and most of them are actually harmless. A couple of types of spiders are dangerous, though, and it’s important to be especially careful to look out for…

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Jan 10 2019

It happens every year when the weather cools down. First, you see one in the corner of the living room, then you see another above the light in the bathroom, and another crawling across your bedroom…

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Jul 30 2018

Now that summer is in full swing, we will start noticing a lot more of those eight-legged creatures that we all dislike so much! Unfortunately for residents of the South Carolina and Northern Georgia…

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