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Tag: squirrels

May 7 2019

In our Greenville service area, squirrels can become a serious problem for homeowners. Those cute and adorable animals may be fun to watch in your backyard but they can be destructive pests when they…

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Apr 15 2019

The danger with squirrels is that they can carry fleas and ticks onto your property and potentially spread them to your pets and living spaces, leaving you with a different kind of infestation to deal…

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Dec 14 2018

Gray squirrels are becoming more and more common in the Greenville area. With their unique ability to hop, climb, and run while balancing on thin power lines, they have all the necessary skills to…

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Nov 7 2018

Sometimes when unwanted rodent guests enter our homes it can be difficult to recognize the signs that they are even there. With the constant hustle and bustle of everyday life, worrying about whether…

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