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Tag: wildlife control

Aug 8 2019

Most of us have that one friend who has a story about a bat flying around their house at night. It accompanies a lot of shrieking and ducking and hiding, and maybe even a broom being swung through the…

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May 7 2019

In our Greenville service area, squirrels can become a serious problem for homeowners. Those cute and adorable animals may be fun to watch in your backyard but they can be destructive pests when they…

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Nov 13 2018

Winter will soon be upon us here in South Carolina, bringing the season of good cheer as the holidays arrive. Unfortunately, that can mean the arrival of some unwanted guests in your home – and I’m…

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Oct 31 2018

As cute as the animals who live near our home might be, it’s important to remember that they are still wild animals and, regardless of how cute they are, they can be incredibly dangerous under the…

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Sep 6 2018

If it were possible to tag every rodent in our area, just before the cold weather of winter sets in, and track them using sophisticated equipment, what do you think we’d find?

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