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The Importance Of Cleaning Gutters

Some pest problems are extremely obvious and won’t take a professional to recognize. If you see mouse droppings, you know you have a mouse problem. If you see mud tubes from termites, you have a termite problem. Watching a cockroach crawl across the floor is a sure sign that you have a cockroach infestation, but when is the last time you checked your gutters? Many people don’t ever check them, and when they do the last thing that comes to mind is that a plugged up gutter can cause a pest problem. Unfortunately for all of you with clogged and dirty gutters, it does exactly that! Keeping gutters clean is extremely important, and if left unattended they can lead to serious problems for you and your home.

A dirty gutter can cause a flood of problems. First off, the sheer buildup of water risks extensive damage to your home including its walls and roof. While the water is pooling the wood is softening, warping, and rotting, creating a number of possible entry points for potential pests. The moisture itself attracts many different kinds of pests and can be a perfect place to build nests which, if large enough, the weight can cause structural damage. Gutters also house decaying leaves and debris which tend to be a preference for many small pests to hide away in for both protection and as a food source. 

Rodents are a common pest that you will find in a heavily clogged gutter, but fortunately, they are one of the easier ones to spot due to their ability to make a lot of noise. Gutters are also extremely attractive for pests like wasps, hornets and bees as they love the moist environment to build their nests in. Birds are often found in gutters and often they are side by side to carpenter ants and termites. One of the more annoying pests gutters house are mosquitoes. Mosquitoes need the moist areas to breed, and breed they will.

Professional treatment is your fastest and easiest way out of any pest problem. Spencer Pest Services offers several options of home pest control and takes pride in making sure that your home is pest free. Having a pest control plan will assure you that gutter pests, and other pests are no longer a problem. With our friendly and conscientious technicians coming by regularly to monitor and clean your gutters, you can feel confident that nothing is missed, and can stay off the ladder and roof. If you think you might have problematic pests taking over your gutters call Spencer Pest Services, and we will provide you with a free inspection to determine what, where, and how severe an infestation is. From there we’ll work with you to come up with a plan of action specific to you and your infestation. Cleaning out your gutters and all the critters hiding in them now can save you a lot of money later.