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The Importance Of Home Drainage

Water can cause many problems for a homeowner. That is why many homes come with some kind of gutter system. Someone, at some point in history, realized that it was a bad idea to let all that rain water run down their roof and down the side of their home. It is also a bad idea to allow water to accumulate near your exterior walls. Moisture can cause as many problems as direct contact with water. Here are some ways water can be a problem.

What Water Does To Homes

  • The most obvious issue is wood rot. If you have water on your walls, the wood of your home is going to rot. This can lead to all sorts of issues that we probably don’t have to explain.
  • Moisture and wetness can allow mold and mildew to develop. When either of these two moisture problems appear, they are there to stay until something is done to get rid of the moisture.
  • If you have a damp crawl space, it can change the quality of the air throughout your home. This can even bring sickness into your home.
  • There are many bugs that breed in water, like mosquitoes. If you have areas of still water on your property, mosquitoes will take advantage of it.
  • Many bugs are drawn to wet soil. These are called moisture pests. Bugs like the silverfish, earwig, and millipede, will be drawn to your home if you have moist soil. When they come in close, it is only a matter of time before you get an infestation.
  • When water softens the wood of your home it will become much more susceptible to carpenter ants, which prefer soft decaying wood.
  • Wood decay is also attractive to termites. While these insects can attack a fully sound structure, termite swarmers will be drawn to areas where there is more moist, decaying wood for their colony to grow strong on.
  • If you have moisture on your exterior walls, it can work its way inside and cause paint to peel, wallpaper to lose its grip, walls to bulge, floors to sink, and more.

At Spencer Pest Services, we protect homes from pest infestation and the illnesses and destruction that can result from having unwanted bugs and wildlife in a home.

We also protect homes from moisture and drainage issues. If you have a crawl space that gets moisture, we can seal that crawl space. We also install French drains in interior and exterior areas to redirect water away from your crawl spaces. Schedule your free inspection and let’s take a look at your moisture issues together. This is one home improvement that can really make a difference.