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The Many Benefits Of Professional Rodent Control In Winter

Complete rodent control is not just about getting rid of the mice and rats that have gotten into your Greenville home, it has to do with the prevention of them as well. It’s important to know how they break in, why they do so, and the dangers they pose, as well as some helpful prevention tips and how to obtain complete rodent control throughout the winter months

Rodents commonly get into homes through small cracks in foundations and exterior walls, as well as gaps around window and door frames. Surprisingly, a small mouse can get into a hole the size of a dime. They can also find their way in through loose screens, vents, and the gaps around utility wires, cables, and plumbing

The main reason rodents are attracted to your home is to find food, water, and shelter from extreme weather and dangerous predators. Once inside, they can cause many problems ranging from structural damage, fire, and flooding to intense odor, food contamination, and illness.

Prevention is key to avoiding rodent problems. This starts with an inspection of your home and property to locate entry points. These points of entry need to be sealed off. It is also beneficial to trim tree branches away from your home and especially your rooftop. Be sure that your chimney caps and roof vents are in good repair.

You will also want to make sure your home is less attractive to rodents by…

  • Cleaning up food and drink spills right away.
  • Taking out the trash on a regular basis.
  • Keeping foods stored in secure containers.
  • Cleaning counters and food-prep surfaces often.
  • Getting rid of excess clutter.

When it comes to complete rodent control, especially if rodents have already invaded, DIY methods and store-bought products can be costly, messy, and pose significant health risks. Why not call on the professionals at Spencer Pest Services? We safely and effectively remove rodents and stop them from getting into South Carolina homes. Nothing beats our professional rodent control, and our licensed professionals guarantee results. You can’t get that from a DIY website. Call us today to find out how we can take care of your rodent problems.