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The Problems Fall Nuisance Bugs Bring

It’s finally autumn, the temperatures are cooling down, and suddenly your home becomes an attractive haven for nuisance insects such as box elder bugs, ladybugs, and stink bugs. Harmful? No. Annoying and unpleasant? Definitely. Let’s learn more about these bugs are and how Spencer Pest Services can help you eliminate them from your home for good. Box elder bugs, ladybugs, and stink bugs all share several things in common – they live outdoors during the warmer spring and summer months, and they aren’t particularly harmful to humans or pets. They rarely bite and aren’t known to transmit any diseases. The most annoying characteristic is that when outside temperatures cool in the fall, these pests all move indoors in large numbers seeking warm places to live. Your Greenville house.

In the spring and summer, box elder bugs reside in box elder trees or other seed-bearing trees. They are attracted to the warm sunny exteriors of buildings when temperatures start to fall. From there, they find their way into the cracks and crevices of homes quite easily. Ladybugs and stink bugs, both frequent garden residents, do the same, gathering together on the sunny side of houses to stay warm. Although ladybugs don’t cause any issues other than being an annoying presence in your home, box elder bugs can leave a reddish stain behind when squished. Stink bugs release a foul-smelling liquid when they are crushed or defending themselves, which is unpleasant when indoors and can quickly become an overpowering stench.
Let’s be honest – bugs aren’t really welcome in your home at any time. It doesn’t matter if they’re harmless. Many people may think “these bugs aren’t hurting anything, they’re just hanging out.” Think about that, though. Do you want insects living in the same spaces where you eat, sleep, and relax? Trust us, you don’t want any of these nasty bugs living behind walls, inside crawl spaces, or underneath the floors of your home.
So what should you do if you think you have discovered an infestation of box elder bugs, ladybugs, or stink bugs? Call Spencer Pest Services for a free inspection! Never hesitate to call a professional when dealing with any type of pest control issue, especially before it gets out of hand. We have the equipment and experience necessary to assess your situation quickly and deal with these nuisance bugs so they don’t return.