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The Process Of Wildlife Removal

Have you been dealing with wildlife on your property? Are raccoons getting into your trash and strewing it all over the place? Are rodents finding a way into your home? Whatever the case may be, wildlife and rodents living on your property can not only be a hassle, it can be dangerous. Wild animals are known to carry diseases, as well as a whole host of parasites such as lice, mites, worms, fleas and ticks that also carry diseases. And, when cornered or threatened, wildlife can attack humans and pets. These are all good reasons to be concerned if you have wildlife on your property. But don’t worry, the pest control experts here at Spencer Pest Services have a plan.

Rodent & Wildlife Control from Spencer

At Spencer, we have earned the name “Rat Man,” because we have been so successful at eliminating rodents and wildlife from homes and properties that other pest control companies consult with us to learn our secret. If you need help with unwanted animals, here is the process you can expect from Spencer.

Step 1: A thorough inspection:

We will send a team of pest professionals to inspect your structure inside and out to locate nesting areas, access points, and animal activity. These inspections will be performed three times a year, to prevent re-infestation.

Step 2: Exclude those critters:

Any entry points found during the inspection will be securely sealed to prevent any additional rodents or wildlife from getting into your home or business. Some common entry points include gaps around air conditioning units, vents, openings around pipes and electrical that go into the house, and gaps between construction materials. We know just where to look to find these common entry points.

Step 3: Trapping and removing the offenders:

In this step we will strategically place several different live cage traps, snap traps, and glue boards around your home or business where we found rodent activity during the inspection.

Step 4: The clean up:

Since animals leave urine and feces everywhere the go, and trails of pheromones that can draw in new activity to the structure, we take care of cleaning up critical areas after animal activity has subsided with a special neutralizing spray.

Step 5: Exterior Rodent Bait Stations:

Finally, Spencer’s pest professionals will place rodent bait stations in strategic locations around your structure to stop rodents from trying to get near or inside. These stations are monitored monthly to minimize rodent populations outside your structure and lower the chances of any new rodents getting in.

If you have rodents, Spencer Pest Services has the solution. Find out home much nicer life can be without these unwanted pests around. Reach out to us today and schedule service.