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Tiara Gives Her Stamp Of Approval On Spencer Pest Services’ Green Initiatives

As you may know, we recently added a new member to our team. Her name is Tiara the Queen Bee and she’s been causing quite a buzz. Since the team here at Spencer Pest Services has a passion for protecting the environment, it seemed like a good choice to have an environmental expert on the team. Tiara was the perfect choice. As the queen of bees, she knows how to be beneficial for our environment, so we had her take a look at our Green initiatives and tell us what she thinks.

Hey, Y’all! Tiara here. My job as a Queen Bee keeps me pretty busy, but not as busy as the team at Spencer. They’ve got gumption–especially when it comes to protecting the environment. They were green before green was a thang, y’all. Way back, when Bill Spencer started this lil-ole company, he didn’t want to spray pests out of existence. He wanted to figure out how to manage pests so the good critters could help to control the bad critters. This led to many smart discoveries and clever ways of dealing with pest problems in and around the Greenville area. The team at Spencer still does this. In fact, they do it so well that they’ve earned the GreenPro seal of excellence from the National Pest Management Association. That’s un-bee-lievable! But they don’t stop there. They also take part in green initiatives.
I gotta bee honest, Y’all. I didn’t know what a green initiative was when they first asked me to look at them—bless their hearts. But now I see that they are ways the team at Spencer Pest Services works hard to protect the environment in ways that don’t have to do with managing pests—like going paperless. Do you know that they use iPhones, iPads, and computers to catalog field data and keep customers informed? They also use computers to take care of billing. Not only is this good for the environment, it’s smart, Y’all!
If I had thumbs, I’d give the team at Spencer Pest Services two thumbs up for their green initiatives. Going green is smart for business and great for the environment. If you want smart, eco-friendly pest control for your home or business, Spencer Pest Services is the right choice. Drop ’em a line or click that lil-ole chat thingy at the bottom right of this page. They’re standing by to help you solve your pest problems.