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Tips For Selecting A Pest Control Company

Pest Control

Pest control is big business in the South in large part due to its mostly year-round warm, humid climate.  Therefore, a quick google search for a pest control company in your area will likely give you dozens of options ranging from multi-billion dollar companies to the proverbial “mom and pop” business. If you need pest control, which in the south you’ll likely need at minimum termite control and depending on your home and its surroundings potentially much more, it can be a daunting task to pick a good company. Let’s take a look at three criteria that can help you sort out the bad ones from the good ones.

Does the Company have a good reputation?

Living in the internet age is a mixed blessing. Anybody can say pretty much whatever they want (regardless if it’s true or not) about anyone’s business. However, if a quick internet search of the pest control business you’re considering has an overwhelming amount of negative feedback, it’s a pretty safe bet to pass on their service. On the flip side, if the reviews of the company you’re considering are for the most part glowing with praise about the honesty, customer service, knowledge, and helpfulness of said company, then you’re on the right track. Their reputation is most likely a true reflection of the ethics of the company. You don’t want to go to a shady mechanic and get taken advantage of and neither do you want to deal with a pest control company that says carpet beetle larvae are bed bugs and be swindled out of 2000 dollars.

Is the Company Well Trained?

There are lots of insects and vertebrate pests that can invade your home. It helps to have an expert on staff that can guide the training of the technicians who will be performing the work. Furthermore, it helps if the company has accreditations from the National Pest Management Association and their respective states’ Pest Management Association. Training is key and the quality of the initial inspection by the salesperson and the subsequent treatment by the technician will demonstrate if the company is invested in performing 1st classwork. 

Are the Prices Fair and Reasonable?

The old saying “you get what you pay for” is a fairly accurate saying. If you settle for the bottom of the barrel pricing there’s a good chance you’re going to get bottom of the barrel service. Good, quality work takes in-depth training, time (and time is money), and the right equipment. Unfortunately, none of these are cheap. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive company is the best, you might do well to stay away from the bottom and look around for competitively priced companies who are upfront about their pricing.

At Spencer Pest Services we pride ourselves in having over 1300 five-star customer reviews with a perfect 5-star google review rating. We have on staff an Associate Certified Entomologist with a certificate in public health entomology from the Entomological Society of America and a wildlife control operator who has passed the National Wildlife Control Operators advanced certification. Furthermore, all our service technicians are Quality Pro certified through the National Pest Management Association.  Lastly, our prices are competitive and our service guarantees provide peace of mind.  If you need a pest control company look no further than Spencer Pest Services!