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Tips To Keep Squirrels Off The Roof

Nature can be a beautiful thing, and watching things like squirrels climbing up and jumping from tree to tree can be rather amusing. It is much less enjoyable, however, to see a squirrel scale the exterior walls of your home and then disappear into your attic. In fact, this can cause a number of concerns.

Problems That Can Occur When Squirrels Invade

Squirrels are generally 6-8 inches in length and can use every bit of their size to cause damage in your Cashiers home. What is even scarier is that a squirrel’s front incisor teeth can almost grow that many inches in a year. Of course, they file these teeth down to keep them at a reasonable length, but the chewing needed to keep their teeth filed down can result in some serious damage to your property.

Most commonly this damage starts when they invade higher areas of your home such as in attics and roofing. From here personal items such as insulation, drywall, electrical wires, food containers, storage boxes, and wooden structures come under serious risk. The worst of these being electrical wiring which if chewed can cause sparks that could ignite into a fire. This is a nightmare situation that no homeowner should ever have to face.

Another major problem squirrels can bring into your home comes in the form of ticks and fleas. If you have ever had to deal with these pests, either on your pets or within your home, you know how much of a problem they can be. The danger with squirrels is that they can carry fleas and ticks onto your property and potentially spread them to your pets and living spaces, leaving you with a different kind of infestation to deal with.

Prevention Steps For Homeowners

Squirrels are not the easiest pest to keep off your property, but there are a few things you can do to try to keep them away.

  • Most commonly, squirrels will invade your home through damage in your roofline and attic. Having this damage repaired is a great first step in keeping squirrels at bay.
  • Squirrels will often use trees and their branches to gain higher ground which they can use to invade the higher areas of your home. Consider trimming these branches back away from the exterior walls and roof of your home.
    If you have bird feeders, consider moving them a good distance from the exterior of your home as they can be attractants to squirrels looking for a snack.
  • Make sure garbage is sealed away inside airtight cans and away from the reach of squirrels.
    If you garden, keep in mind that the plants you grow can attract squirrels. Planting your garden a fair distance from your home will help in keeping squirrels at bay.

The Best Tip For Keeping Squirrels Away

The best thing you can do to get and keep squirrels off your property is to partner with the professionals here at Spencer Pest Services. Our technicians have been trained to not only trap and remove existing squirrel pests but to also work alongside you to make sure they do not return. Give one of our customer service representatives a call today, and help us help you find a plan that works best for your situation.