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Top House Spider Prevention Tips

There are a lot of spiders in the world. Some experts estimate that there are nearly 40,000 different spider species. Fortunately, only a handful of them prefer to live with us. These are called house spiders.

When the topic of house spiders comes up, the first thing people want to know is, are house spiders dangerous? And, for the most part, the answer is no. The vast majority of house spiders don’t bite us, or they have a venom that is only slightly toxic to humans. This is partly because of how large we are. Those spiders use their venom to paralyze and take down other bugs. We’re a little bit bigger than your average bug.

There is one house spider that is always worth mentioning when it comes to the topic of whether or not house spiders are a threat. It is the group of spiders with recluse in their name. Most often, it is the brown recluse that we hear about. Brown recluse are able to easily adapt to living inside and they have a venom that can be necrotic to humans. While bites from brown recluse are not common, and not all bites are harmful, their love of human dwellings and their ability to produce numerous offspring make them a significant threat over time.

Most of the spiders we find in our homes are benign. In fact, some people consider them to be beneficial because they feed on other bugs, particularly flies. It is surprising how many people will put up with a web on their bedroom window and a tiny spider living in the center of that web because they know that spider is going to eat fungus gnats, fruit flies, mosquitoes, and other tiny pests. But, the reality is that spiders are horrible at pest control. They are simply not going to keep pace with the fly problem in your home. It is best to get rid of those spiders along with all of the other bugs.

Some Of The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Spiders.

1. Get rid of the flies.

We often think of spiders as a solution for flies, but the truth is, getting rid of flies is a whole lot more effective at getting rid of spiders than spiders are at getting rid of flies.

  • Flies breed and feed inside trash cans. If you get a lid for your kitchen trash, that has a good seal, it will go a long way toward controlling the flies in your home.
  • Fruit flies come inside on fruit. If you put fruit in your fridge, instead of the counter or table, it will ripen just fine, and prevent fruit fly eggs from hatching.
  • Fungus flies often target potted plants that are outside. When you bring those potted plants inside, treat the soil to kill any fungus fly eggs that may be present.
  • House flies, mosquitoes, and gnats can come into a home through your screens. Keeping those screens in good repair is going to keep those flies outside, where they belong.
  • Often flies come right in through the door. It is a good idea to keep doors open for only a short period of time. But you can reduce how many flies come in through your doors by reducing how many flies are buzzing around your exterior. There are many conditions that attract flies. Removing or controlling these can make your home less attractive. Seal all exterior trash cans. Replace exterior white lights with yellow, insect-resistant light bulbs. And keep shades closed at night.

2. Seal things up.

Sometimes spiders come in just because they can. If you make it harder for them to come in, you’ll have fewer spiders.

  • Fix those screens.
  • Fix weather stripping on sliding doors.
  • Install door sweeps where needed.
  • Use a caulking gun to fill in gaps, holes, and cracks in your walls.
  • Use liquid cement to seal cracks in your foundation walls.
  • Keep your exterior perimeter free of weeds, brush, tall grass, and clutter.

If you get rid of the flies and seal your home, you can take a big bite out of the population of house spiders inside your home. But, to get a complete barrier, it is necessary to apply pesticides. This is best done by a professional.

Reach out to Spencer Pest Services to learn more about house spiders and other household pests, or to set up ongoing pest control for your home. You can probably live with house spiders, but it is so much nicer to live without them.