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Top reasons rodents are attracted to your home

mouse sitting

If you’ve ever had a rat, mouse, or squirrel problem at your house, you might stop and think to yourself “why have I been “chosen” for such an unfortunate occurrence?” Well, the truth is that there are a multitude of factors that play into this situation, some of them in your power to remedy and others entirely outside your control. 

3 reasons why rodents have decided to take up residence in your home.

Reason 1: There is an ample supply of food and water in and around your home.

You may enjoy watching the birds flitter about your 6 bird feeders in your perfectly manicured backyard. 

Also, the companionship of your 4 dogs, 1 chinchilla, and 2 hamsters, or the beauty and serenity of a water garden makes your home a more beautiful place to live. However, all these pleasures may come with some uninvited guests. 

Besides feeding the birds, you’re also giving a meal ticket to squirrels. The mice that have “popped up” at your house enjoy your dog food that sits out overnight just as much as your dog does. The beautiful water garden provides the rats with the perfect water source to thrive and makes you search for rodent control near me!

Reason 2: There are several entry points into your home

The gap along your garage door seal is cracked and torn. Your foundation vents are missing screens as well as your gables. 

The crawl space door has a 3-inch gap at the bottom. Your ridge vents are missing the plastic sheathing. 

There are small gaps and holes in your soffits and fascia. Mortar and bricks have cracked and fallen out of place around the foundation. 

The list could go on. While these repairs seem minor and inconsequential, they all provide entry points into your nice, warm, food-filled home; leaving no space for rat control. 

Reason 3: There’s too much shrubbery and ground cover around your home

Life is busy. We have kids and older parents to take care of, full-time jobs to keep up with, and a host of other responsibilities. 

Sometimes yard work gets put on the back burner. If there are lots of dense bushes, ivy, and tree limbs touching our homes, we’re inviting rodents to take up residence in and around our homes. Even if you think about rodent control, the shrubbery and ground cover may make it difficult.

The ground cover provides shelter from predators and in some cases food from weeds and seeds. The tree limbs touching our homes are a highway for squirrels to come inside.  And with all the new subdivisions popping up around us, the rodents will be displaced from their original homes and come looking for suitable new places to take up residence, especially if you have lots of safe harborage areas in the form of dense, thick ground cover.

These small pests are continuously growing and have a physical threat to family members & your valuables. This makes rodent control extremely important.

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