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What Is A CL-100?

Have you been told that you need a CL-100? Are you curious what a CL-100 is, what it covers, and whether or not Spencer Pest Services provides one of these forms? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know most.

There is nothing worse than buying a home or business and finding out it has wood-destroying organisms living in it. That is why many mortgage lenders have started requiring some form of official documentation to help protect their investment. In the state of South Carolina, we rely upon the CL-100, also referred to as a South Carolina Wood Infestation Report. This is a report filled out by a pest control company to ensure that the property being purchased has been inspected by a certified professional for visible evidence of any wood-destroying organisms, or signs that a subterranean termite treatment has been done in the past. If damage is found, the inspector will offer an evaluation for the purchaser to consider. This form is not a guarantee that a structure is free of any wood-destroying organisms. Nor does it provide financial protection for the purchaser. It is simply a vital step in the process of evaluating the condition of the structure being purchased.

What does a CL-100 look for? There are many wood-destroying organisms covered on the CL-100 form. This form covers subterranean termites, drywood termites, old house borers, powder post beetles, and any other insects classified as a wood destroyer. It is also used to document active or non-active wood-destroying fungi and the wood moisture content found. But, most importantly, it is an evaluation form that will outline any wood damage or moisture threat in the structure being purchased.

Does Spencer Pest Services provide a CL-100? Yes. We have CL-100 inspections. Not only do we provide this official form to folks who are looking to buy a piece of property here in South Carolina, we provide special pricing for realtors. We also:

  • Type out the CL-100 form, so it is legible.
  • Include pictures of any problem areas we find.
  • Deliver this document in a timely manner so that closing isn’t delayed.
  • Ensure that the CL-100 form is filled out by a state-trained service professional.

If you’re purchasing a home or business property, getting a CL-100 form is essential to making an informed decision. Don’t let someone else’s problem become yours. Make sure your South Carolina property has been properly inspected for wood-destroying organisms by having a CL-100 report filled out. Reach out to us today to get started.